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Why exactly was April a Human-Utrom hybrid with psychic powers?

From a purely creative standpoint, what is the purpose of this idea? I remember Ciro Nieli talking about the writing difficulty in writing girls with super powers, in that his experience is that they tend to get OP, citing Teen Titans as an example. Of course, unlike the Teen Titans girls who are expected to have superpowers, April was never depicted as having any superhuman powers before this show. Nobody expected her to have any special powers, so why even give her any if it's hard to write?

The immediate thought is that it gives them reasons to keep her relevant, either by having the Kraang come after her or make stories about her powers playing a major role, which to some extent is what happens. As it turns out however, the Kraang seem to gradually lose interest in her and seem more into doing various questionable schemes that seem to have little or nothing to do with her, while stories focusing on her powers didn't really start to be a thing until season 4 and not that much comes out of it to be honest. You'd figure her powers would be relevant for the series finale or drastically change the status quo, but they mostly just seem to be a bonus for the writers to make side stories about. In fact, the intended finale implies she just died anti-climactically along with almost everyone else, basically irrelevant to that story.

And again, why even do this in the first place if it's not that important outside season 1 and 4, arguably not ever really that important? It's not like previous two cartoons or the subsequent cartoon had any issue with just depicting her as normal person, it was a creative decision made by the crew of this show. They could have easily come up with any given reason for her to hang out with the turtles and yet they settled on this, despite the stated difficulties and general irrelevance it ended up being. It is not like what they came up with makes the most sense either, at one point she is prompted to start living in the sewer with them instead of her unseen aunt, at which point one have to assume her school and aunt don't mind that she started to live under the radar.

This, coupled with Karai's mutation, kind of leads me to a very awkward conclusion. The writing staff didn't think girls would be interesting if there wasn't something "special" about them. I'm not saying that has to be the thought process that went into this. Indeed, the show is full of characters who could have been normal but were turned into mutants just because, one could easily come to the conclusion that they just didn't like the idea of human characters in general. But of course, there are indeed a few male humans who stick around human being (Casey, Hun, The Purple Dragons, those Gangsters, etc). And characters like Bradford and Xever seems to have been created for the sole purpose of being turned into mutants in the first place. Given the history of April and Karai, I don't think there was any push by Playmates or Nick to make either of them superhuman, meaning this is just something they went with.

So yeah. As weird as it might sound, it really seems (to me at least) like the writing team just didn't know how to write a girl unless she had superpowers, as if that was the only thing they could do to make her interesting... Got any alternative explainations?
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Turtles is basically the red-headed stepchild of Nick.
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