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Random Punk
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Hello Everyone!

Hello everyone,

I would like to introduce myself, my real name is Brittany however you can refer to me by my username DragonSoul (edgy I know but dragons are cool). Currently, I am pursuing a BA in anthropology with some focus on archaeology. Anthropology is an interesting field as it focuses on the study of humans and what it means to be human. My personal interests involve studying forensic anthropology and warrior culture through books. I guess you can say there is a bit of warrior culture that can be found in TMNT. The main reason I am here is because I have been a lifelong fan of TMNT and enjoy it for the action/comedy/drama/fantasy aspects. As for my favorite TMNT character it is Raphael because I honestly believe he is a true warrior. Anyways, I am happy to be here on the Technodrome forums! :3
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Mad Scientist
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Hi there, welcome aboard.
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Foot Elite
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Welcome aboard!
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Mad Scientist
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Welcome. My favourite character is Raphael as well, though Leonardo is a close second.

I enjoy TMNT for its mix of different genres too. Still one of my fav franchises along with the Buffyverse.
Donatello: The tracker! It might work.
*Donatello goes to the back of the Turtle Van*
Raphael: Shrewd move, Donatello. If we ignore the problem, it might go away by itself. (from The Mean Machines)
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Jedi Master
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Hello DragonSoul! I like the username! Is your real name Daenerys(Targaryen) (Indiana) Jones by chance? Trying to balance a course load can be difficult. I just finished a graduate degree last month so I understand. You have an interesting major!

I enjoy watching/reading Raphael, but I suppose its obvious I need the Rob Paulsen spice to Raphael. Welcome to the 'drome, home of the brave and odd. Don't just disappear as soon as you join in.
Michelangelo: This looks like a job for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!
Raphael: Sheesh, Mikey this ain't a cartoon!
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Old 01-04-2021, 07:13 AM   #6
Original TMNT Cartoon Fan
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Welcome into the Technodrome.
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Old 01-25-2021, 07:57 AM   #7
Random Punk
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Location: Canada
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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! :3
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Foot Elite
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Glad to have another poster here!
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Stone Warrior
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Hello and welcome!

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