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Wondered the other day how disturbing it would be if the TMNT mutated with human skin tones. Just how wrong would that look?

edit: Esp if it was a realistic one like PD. Egads.
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I've been reading Denny O'neil comics lately in my scarce free time (I really miss talking with him on his message board) and that got me wondering... "What if "BETTER" writers than Eastman/Laird had worked extensively on TMNT.

The best example I can think of where this kind of happened might be "The River" by Rick Veitch (Mirage Vol. 1 #24-26).

If Gerry Conway, Len Wein, Denny, David Michelinie, Marv Wolfman... some of the best Bronze Age writers had tackled TMNT... how different might it have been. It definitely wouldn't have been as weird or underground as the above names were all establishment writers and... let's face it... TMNT could never have come out of mainstream comics. Everything was too defined and too formula by 1984... Maybe the turtles could have come out of the 1970's. That might be reaching a bit... Marvel and DC had weird concepts back then (Swamp Thing/Man-Thing, Son of Satan, Tomb of Dracula, The Eyes of Ork) etc.
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