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Super Goku
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TMNT 2K12: The Irma Rescue

This fanfic will be written in episodes. It is set during the TMNT 2K12 series in season 3.

Episode 1

A Kraang space ship flies over several tall buildings in New York City. The ship lands on a building, and the door opens, extending a bridge. One Kraang in a robot suit directs a hovering stretcher in front of him, while other Kraang in robot suits march behind him. They all carry laser blasters, as a way to defend the incoming patient.

The stretcher is taken inside the building, which is a Kraang base disguised as an office building. The patient on the stretcher is taken into a room with lots of high tech equipment, and then placed into a tank of green liquid, for the purpose of healing and rejuvenation. This patient is Kraang Sub-Prime, who was defeated earlier in the year in battle with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Splinter.

*cue the introduction and TMNT theme song.*
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