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Originally Posted by neatoman View Post
That's not really the weird part, it's that new fans brought in by other stuff don't seem as vocal.
Could partly be a factor that it just didn't have any competition at all back then (with Mirage being for a more mature audience and unknown to most kids) compared to having other newer TMNT options today AND a much larger cartoon market in general with far more channels, on demand, and online/streaming options, that newer fans have to choose from. Made today it might not be anything to rave about, but it was novel back then and beloved in its time and remains so because of it.

It's really odd that most haven't moved on to Mirage or IDW
May partly just be that not everyone is the comic type.

I fully intend on doing Mirage at some point (already have a collected volume 1 I haven't yet dug into), but comics as a concept have never really been my thing. I've enjoyed some of what I've come across online now and then, but I admit that if it goes off for too long on non-Turtle characters it starts to lose me.

Originally Posted by victory_angel View Post
If the Turtles had any foods that they enjoy eating that isn’t pizza what would it be?
If lunch is Leo's biggest meal like mine and given the kind of stuff he might be into, I suggest for him one of my quick easy ones:

Bag of mixed veggies, the kind steamable in-bag in microwave for abt 6 min, plus these or similar noodles by them (or similar substitute) heated for 1.5 min in microwave...

...then mix it all together with an Asian style sauce of choice. Makes a pretty good sized meal, relatively healthy (I assume?), and quick to make.

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