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***First of Two Latin Kings***
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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
The late spring, summer time is a realistic expectation given the flow. October is the drop dead, line in the sand date, as has always been listed on the campaign.
I thought you were originally shooting for this past October. My mistake.
Originally Posted by IndigoErth View Post
I can hear it now: "I'm sorry little April, I told you that if you didn't take good care of them I'd be taking them away. Now they are going to the lab to be abused for experimentation" (You could almost rewrite this as April caused the fire to get back at her father over it...)
Originally Posted by TheCanadiandrome View Post
Powder I'd not defend him, that's just how he gets

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Andrew NDB
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Here's a little snippet of one of the pages of our own Powder's artwork, from a story by DrSpengler called "The Shogun," one of the (at the moment, two) backups in "Origin."

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It only took 30 years
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One part of me loves the lack of context (especially with Donatello) and the other is just excited to see how those three things fit together.
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Old 11-29-2017, 09:07 AM   #384
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Thanks for sharing, Andrew!

Looking forward to it, Powder/Spengs!

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Nortock Diab
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Sweet page!
At most a year between now and the release. I really can't wait.

Powder, can you tell us more about your technique?
Is it fully digital? Do you make the colors yourself?
Was DrSpengler very guiding in the storyboard?
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Old 11-29-2017, 04:24 PM   #386
Endless Screw
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Yep, fully digital. I use a Japanese art program called Paint Tool SAI. I sized my canvases to the same dimensions as Jim's pages, used a line tool to create panels based on how I think I can best make them fit, then sketching begins. I do very very loose doodles of the characters to get the general layouts & poses down, which I then run by Andrew/Mark to make sure everything looks alright, & once I get the OK, I begin to line them with a black pen setting. I do my own colors as well, yep! I bucket tool the flats as much as they allow, then on a separate multiply layer I draw out the cel-shading (which for the most part is a lot more detailed than on that particular page- which, by the way, is cropped), & additional layers feature effect lighting, for example I'll airbrush the glow of a computer screen or the glimmer in someone's eyes. Then I just save it as a PNG & shoot it over to the head honcho! Spengler gives just the right amount of guidance, IMO. Sets up the scene, setting, character expressions (& some of the body language/posing) but allows for enough creative freedom to give me some artistic expression. As an example, there is a page featuring Michelangelo's apartment, which I designed entirely on my own, so it was a lot of fun coming up with little Easter eggs or kitschy items to throw in there. In that one panel with the Utroms, there were just supposed to be a couple present in any capacity, nothing specific, so I had them examining some sort of alien relic simply because I felt like coloring a translucent stone.
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Nortock Diab
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Very interesting and I'm curious to see this page with Michelangelo room.
How many pages long is the back-up you draw?
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