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The Damar Hamlin situation...

this whole thing is weird.

Guy died on field. players crying like babies. NFL wants the game too resume in 5 minutes like nothing happened. ambulance doesn't rush off with sirens. waits for mom too go down. FBI supposedly in his hospital room. And now this odd nfl stunt...'look, he's OK! but his skin is just a tad lighter, and his family has too be brought in seperately, and look like they are not happy at all...and...and..'...

NO ONE seems too be buying this was damar at the game, except the media afraid for their jobs. have they even been covering this? you'd think a guy dying on the field would be a big scoop...but I only remember seeing short blurbs...

My theory :The guy is either dead, or brain dead due too vacinee booster. after the season ends....he'll either 'retire for privacy' and never be heard from again, or he'll 'die from complications '.....

what do you think?

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